Sons of Old Town X-mas Extravaganza 5

Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, Clayton Waller AKA Rock Eupora creates a lively blend of gritty rock and shimmering pop straight from his DIY home studio. Currently operating in Nashville, Rock Eupora uses galactic hooks and melodies to dive into themes of love, time, and faith. On Soon the Sun Will Come, Waller takes his 'fuzz pop' sound into a more polished and refined territory of indie music.

Cory Taylor Cox

We all have collections. Yours could be baseball cards, or beanie babies, tattoos, or bad habits. Cory Taylor Cox collects memories and shows them off through his music, influenced by time spent in cities with a soulful history like Muscle Shoals and Memphis. Encouraged by time spent on the road, from singing in all-state youth choir to touring with pop-punk and Americana bands, Cory holds on to memories of vinyl records, Pink Floyd and the Eagles, stashed away in the top of his father’s closet. The quaintness of every coffee shop that exchanged craft-caffeine for acoustic serenades, every hardcore metal band that let him open an all-ages show with emo songs, or folk songs, or whatever, to every PBR-soaked, party-rock, electric guitar cat-call, these are the collections of Cory Taylor Cox.

College Radio Rock Americana created by a bunch of hardcore kids from Texarkana
Former members of Us and the Ship

Carver Commodore

Florence, Alabama's Carver Commodore kicks down the abstract back door and lets the ghosts inside dance in the backyard as the cicadas pop quarters in the Rock ‘N Roll jukebox. Distilling their ever-rowdy live show into this new sound, Carver Commodore is a brand new rocket that is steadily catching up to bands like Colony House, Alabama Shakes, and The Strokes.

Spoken Nerd

Spoken Nerd is a delicious blend of hip hop, indie pop and electronic rock forged in the sylvan hills of Tennessee and home-cooked by Nashville based artist Nathan Conrad. Wrapped in satire and social commentary with a sweet inner core of hope, Conrad's musical confections make for a puckish poetic truffle; a genuine hit at any dinner party or romantic evening.

Peyton Rodeffer

Peyton Rodeffer’s live performance is filled with pure emotion, passion, and commands the attention of the entire room. His ability to tap into the past, relive the moments that inspired his lyrics, and share those raw feelings onstage is truly magnetic.

Aka Jonathan Williams

Americana Singer Songwriter - Florence, AL

$5.00 - $7.00


The Sons of Old Town Xmas Extravaganza is an annual event thrown by local music collective Sons of Old Town to celebrate community in the music scene, celebrate the holidays, and raise money for charity. This years charity target is Notes for Notes, a non-profit organization that designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE.


The first dozen people to the show receive a free treat from Nashville baker The Ruby Cookie. Custom cookies and classic treats will be on sale at the show.


An all-inclusive Photoshoot from sponsor Killjoy Co. will be on silent auction at the event. 



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