Capital City, a New Year's Eve Celebration

New years is special. It is at once a time for reflection and for future dreaming. It's both melancholic and optimistic. So many things come to the surface on NYE. It’s a fine time to bring your friends close around. To that end, Can Can Wonderland wishes to invite YOU to 2018-19 New Years Eve!

This year is about existing in the present; by sticking one foot in the past and the other in the future. Taking fashion notes from the Capital City of Panem, with it’s historically swank, retro-futurist aesthetic, we hope to bring two great Capital cities together for one giant party. We ask all our guests to please dress in stunning fashion. In return, we promise to adorn you in gifts and trinkets sure to raise the spirits.

Never mind the champagne tower, the confetti cannons, and thousands of balloons - Check out the art. This year features three stages of simultaneous performance! Over 70 local artists performing! A feast for the senses to be sure.

Fancy Ray McCloney

Fancy Ray McCloney is a comedian and television personality who has built a comedy and advertising career partly by becoming famous for being famous, especially in and near his home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Fancy Ray is the self-proclaimed "Best Looking Man in Comedy", known for his androgynous and heavily made-up style as well as a loud, sometimes bizarre, comic persona. His stage personality is made up of the sexual prowess of Prince, the funky style of James Brown, and the animation and expression of Little Richard. He is known to break into verse and recite poetry at his shows, in ode to himself, of course.
Worked in concert with Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Little Richard.

Kitson Sass & Pistol Prudence

Kitson Sass and Pistol Prudence met on the Twin Cities burlesque scene and soon began a love affair in the air. Together, this aerial duo brings grace and strength to the stage, engaging audiences with their daring and delightful lyra acts. These ladies share a love for collaboration of the arts.

They have been selected to perform in festivals throughout the country including the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, Show Me Burlesque Festival in St. Louis, and Snake Oil Festival in New Orleans. They recently had the honor of taking the stage at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Tournament of Tease in 2017.

MN Queer Circus

Silver Slipper Productions produces an AMAZING, all-inclusive queer circus experience: kings, queens, aerialists, clowns, magicians, burlesque, singers, contortionists, musicians, weirdos of all sorts!

Hosted by the amazing 2018 International Burlypicks Overall Winners, Gabe Gabriel and The Lady Martina Marraccino!

Fiamma Disco Queens

FIAMMA is Erin, Nona, Alberta, Jackie, & Martha.

The Brass Messengers

A Minneapolis/St. Paul sprawling fun factory. Music of choice is anything that fits into twisted brass tubing: inspired originals, sing-a-longs and covers from around the globe. Truly, a joyful noise.

Dangerous Productions

Artists. Teachers. Troublemakers. Dangerous Productions has them all. Since our founding in 2012, we've been lucky to have an amazing network of people who make the art happen.

The Ring Toss Twins

Kinsey and the Killers

Badass burlesque and dance group

Fly Freak

Silly Miss Tilly

Second Sight Visuals

Illuminated Reef Collective

The Illuminated Reef is a public art project that pays tribute to the 'rain forests of the oceans'. Built mainly of repurposed materials and illuminated with blacklight/UV lights, visitors are asked to participate by 'swimming' lantern fishes around reef

$40.00 - $70.00


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