There's somewhat of a paradox inherent in Vundabar's songwriting - a conflicting sense of nostalgia contrasted with the realization that they couldn't sound more current. The music they make feels like something that should have been heard a long time ago, while simultaneously continuing to forge ahead sonically. Vundabar's high energy live show is the stand out quality of this band and is an art they’ve undoubtedly perfected by touring non-stop around the country. Vundabar’s shows never fail to be captivating, complete with infectious jams, guitar moves galore, intricate drum work, and humorous stage banter to top it all off, the band has become known for putting on an entertaining show.

Nylon Otters

The Nylon Otters are a three-piece band which was formed in 2013 out of Buffalo, NY that play easy going yet intrusive alternative rock with grunge like hints.

Velvet Bethany

Velvet Bethany from Buffalo NY play a unique brand of punk. At times speedy and ferocious riffs, their songs are hard to get out of your head and catchy as hell.
After releasing two Cassettes in 2018, they’ve done it again with Rock and Roll Vacation. This cassette is an ode to ’90s punk like Bikini Kill or the Rondelles at times, but other musical influences often bleed through. For example, the opening intro and closing outro are a chip tune rendered version of a song from their past release titled “ Forbidden fruit”. The songs on the album are their best release to date, but to really get the Velvet Bethany experience, you have to catch them live!

$12.00 - $15.00


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