School of Rock 2018-19 Fall/Winter Season Showcase Day 1 (Memphis & Germantown)

School Of Rock

For the first time ever, School of Rock Memphis and Germantown are joining forces on the best stage in town. Our Fall/Winter Season Showcase will be held at Minglewood Hall on Sunday, January 20th. This will include all Rock 101, Rock 102, Opening Act, and Performance shows. See schedule below for all Day 1 show times.

11:00 am - Saturday Rock 101 (Memphis)
11:15 am - Saturday Rock 101 (Germantown)
11:30 am - Saturday Rock 102 (Germantown)
12:15 pm - Saturday Opening Act (Memphis)
1:00 pm - Ozzy vs Dio (Germantown)
3:00 pm - Metallica (Memphis)
4:00 pm - Blues (Germantown)
6:00 pm - Rock'n'Grohl (Memphis)
8:00 pm - Undercover (Germantown)

Tickets available in advance at each School of Rock location.



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