Into The Blue: Grateful Dead Revival

Into The Blue: Grateful Dead Revival

Formed in the summer of 2008, "Into The Blue" is a side project of P.L.U.S. Band lead guitarist Dan Shramo, Sultans of Bing members Tim Askin, Steve Masek and Tim Lane and monster bassist Darren Thompson. Bob Gerhard provides fine keyboard work and they are also joined, when space allows, with drummer Don Safranek. They perform the music of the Grateful Dead and the myriad of artists the Grateful Dead covered.

"Into the Blue revives that spirit and lends it the respect Jerry and Co. rightfully deserve. Anyone interesting in hearing -- and seeing -- great music flow from the stage should check out what these guys are doing. Fellow musicians and artists, in particular, will glean plenty of inspiration from the shows. "There's a structure to everything that's going on, and then there's that intense improvisation inside that structure," guitarist and singer Dan Shramo says. Every time Into the Blue performs, they're trying to do things a little bit differently and add at least a handful of new tunes to the catalog. "There's a certain energy that takes over... You kinda get sucked into a different place. We do our best to really bring that out"
-Eric Sandy- Scene Magazine

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