The Big Lebowski (Film Screening)

The Big Lebowski (Film Screening)

As part of the "1998 - celebrating music & culture from the year" events.. The Pauses present "The Big Lebowski": Nymphomaniacs, Nihilists, White Russians, Eight-year-olds, Rug Pee-ers, Log Jammers, Strangers in the Alps, Cable fixers, Severed Toes, and Donny. The Big Lebowski is your favorite movie (whether you realize it or not) and you should come out and watch it while being surrounded by all your Creedence-loving friends, who will be dressed up as Viking Maudes and Jesuses. Play giant bowling, admire some really nice rugs, and partake in themed drinks and toe-cookies! All proceeds will go to support The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers. Limited Screen Print of the event will be available for purchase by Lure Design, Inc.



Film starts at 8:30pm. 

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