The Acoustic Guitar Project feat. Kristen Estelle, Shilo Gold, ovrndovr, Prawit Siriwat, Leah Levigne

The Acoustic Guitar Project

Five local New York songwriters will play a concert as part of the global music platform,

Each artist was challenged by The Acoustic Guitar Project to write an original song, and record it live, in just one week. All musicians used the same guitar — a Takamine GS330S — and the same simple handheld recorder. None of the musicians were allowed to edit their song on the computer.

At the upcoming concert, all the featured songwriters will talk a little about their experience with the project and their song and then play it live. Several of New York’s finest local musicians will be performing, including Kristen Estelle, Shilo Gold, ovrndovr, Prawit Siriwat, and Leah Levigne.

Here is a brief summary of the project:

One Guitar. One Week. One Song.

1. We choose a city and a local musician and provide them with an acoustic guitar and a simple recorder.

2. That musician has one week to write an original song and record it live. No editing is allowed. They have to record their song as many times as needed to get the take they like.

3. When the musician is finished, they sign the guitar and pass it on to the next musician in that city. When that city’s guitar reaches five musicians, there is a concert and each musician plays the song they wrote for the project.

Over 40 cities around the world have participated in the project and nearly 500 original songs have been written.

Kristen Estelle

Shilo Gold


Prawit Siriwat

Leah Levigne



GA Seated || PLEASE NOTE: There is a TWO DRINK MINIMUM in the room.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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