The Three Tremors

Three of Earth’s mightiest voices harnessed as one. Three times the power, achieving what one voice cannot. Three Men who have committed their lives to heavy metal. The Three Tremors…

Thicker Skin

Mob For Bid

...formed in August of 2016 by four guys that didn’t give a shit about the usual scene. We decided to play the songs we liked and play them to our styles. We are a working class band with a dynamic sound. What started out as playing cover songs became what you see before you today... MOB FOR BID.

As of 2018, we are a 5 man group bringing a thick, groove metal sound to the masses. We’re currently working on our first demo/EP that we fully expect to rock to metal world to it’s knees. (Or at least the guy at the bar said we were that good.)

We are hard, heavy, and in your face. Bringing the party, we are always up for throwing down. We are MOB FOR BID, get metal or get lost...

Two Minutes Darker

Tiffany Armstrong - Vocals
Sy MacRae - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Stevyl Reed - Guitar/Vocals
Johny Fysh - Guitar
Bruno Pazink - Bass
Chris Lycan - Drums

Burning Red is the international high-energy Rock trio founded by twin siblings Michael and Denise Gavrizescu and joined by Jason Kaplan on drums, based in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Their music brings several genres together by mixing modern rock, 80’s rock, pop structure, and metal. Burning Red's chemistry and stage presence is unlike any average band. Audience members have considered the band to be even more engaging and energetic than their recordings, putting on a great stage show and getting the crowd very involved with the experience.
Burning Red has since written and recorded their debut self-titled five-track EP published under Fanoti Productions in December 2015. Soon after in 2017, the band released several videos performing some of their strongest live songs and are looking forward to a full album release in 2018.
Throughout the years, Burning Red has made a name for themselves throughout the United States, as well as in Asian countries including Japan, China, and the Philippines. the band has been recognized internationally by the Asia World Class Excellence Awards in 2016 as the "Best New Hard Rock Band".
With their passionate drive catapulting ahead, Burning Red is determined to take their innovative new style around the world for all to hear, and gain a reputation as a very powerful live band.

$18.00 - $130.00


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