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When the Richmond, Virginia dark slow-core outfit Claim Culture disbanded shortly after releasing their LP American Ritual in 2015, members Alex Wilson and Blake Melton fomented interest in recycling minor for major chords. The first Twin Drugs EP “Uzi” was written, recorded, and released within a two-month period in the sultry June heat of 2016 and featured a tonality molded in the mindset of early 90’s shoegaze, but with tendencies to veer into the driving and rhythmic spectrum of contemporary noise-rock. Wilson and Melton adopted Au Revoir’s Carl Kranz to fill out bass duties, and the trio has since been importing highly active and energetic performances to stages shared with such versatile acts as True Widow, Holy Wave, and Rosetta. These live shows caught the attention of Trrrrash Record’s, who later in 2016 promptly pressed and released cassette tape quantities of the Uzi EP.

On January 18th of 2019, Twin Drugs returns with the new six-song release “Hi Pressure” on Flesh & Bone records. The recording marks the last effort featuring Kranz on bass, but commences the era of a more streamlined and aggressively practiced sound.

In the fall of 2006, Ghost Outfit went on a short hiatus. Nathan and fellow shoegazer John Martin were already talking about starting another band. Sam Hurd of Cadence decided to throw down on bass guitar and the quartet was formed. Songs started coming together and eventually Prisms had their first show in December of 2006. Afterwards things became more serious and plans for a proper record were set in motion. From June 2007 to February 2008, Prisms remained hard at work on their debut LP "A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed.” Shortly afterwards, Nick's application to the Peace Corps was accepted and Prisms quickly recruited longtime friend and Ghost Outfit drummer Jon Hoffman to take his place. A few shows, songs, soccer games, and Apollo 13 viewings later, Evan Slack took over drumming duties. Prisms can be found roaming the streets at night in search of shows to play and people to meet.

Taciturn is a three-piece, no-wave, noise band. Inspired like bands Sonic Youth and METZ, Taciturn brings together irregular drum beats, droney bass lines, and unconventional guitar riffs to bring to its fans a novel sound. Taciturn started off playing in the punk and hardcore scene in DC, but as their fan base grew, they built a niche scene of its own containing just a few bands and a loyal fan-base.



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