George Clanton first became a known in 2011 as an early leader in the sample-based subgenre “Vaporwave” using the anonymous moniker “ESPRIT 空想”. His 2014 release is considered by many to be the first vaporwave album composed wholly of original compositions. In 2015, Clanton temporarily dropped the monikers and released an album of vocal-driven pop songs. This record, 100% Electronica was named one of top 10 albums of 2015 by Gorilla Vs Bear. In 2016, Clanton was invited to open for Sophie and Charli XCX at Gorilla Vs Bear’s 2016 SXSW showcase, which Yahoo Music called “the best thing we saw at SXSW all week.”

Following that performance George Clanton formed a record label with his girlfriend Negative Gemini, also called “100% Electronica.” They have been touring and releasing new music from other notable internet niche artists ever since. One of the most notable releases was Clanton’s own remix album 200% Electronica, which sold all 1000 copies within a month of its release in November 2017.

On August 18th 2018, George premiered his latest album Slide in front of a sold out audience at Brooklyn New York’s “Elsewhere”. Shortly after selling out all copies on pre-order reservations alone, Slide went on to receive positive reviews from Pitchfork and The Needle Drop where Anthony Fantano deemed it “orgasmic.”

S U R F I N G was born in Melbourne in 2011 out of the desire for creative freedom.

Coming together from contrasting musical paths Penny Van Hazelberg and Leroy Honeycomb draw on these differences to create art that represents them both as individuals and an entity.

Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets is the instrumental Vaporwave project of Auckland producer Ben Pogson.

By 11th grade, I knew I was waisting my time in high school. I took the GED, and immediately enrolled in the Los Angeles Recording School for an associates' degree in Music Production. During this time, I greatly expanded my knowledge on production, from using DAWs to mixing, mastering, recording, songwriting, music theory, and sound design. I teamed up with San Diego native Deveraux Jennings to form DGTL CLR, and we immediately began doing performances in San Diego, including at the world famous Belly Up Tavern. I also began expanding my collection of synthesizers, as well as my knowledge of piano playing and jazz harmony. In addition, released my first homemade music video for my single "Evil".

Today, I am still with DGTL CLR, and we are seeking label representation for our debut album. I also play keyboards in the psych/jazz rock outfit Jubilo Drive with lifelong friend and collaborator Jordan Kleinman. In addition, I play session drums with Silverlake shoe-gazers Cuesta Loeb, and I work as an intern at Roland.

My quest for musical knowledge and fulfillment continues every day, and I am excited every day for the new opportunities that DGTL CLR, Jubilo Drive, Cuesta Loeb, Game Boi Adv, and I will come across in the future.

plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)



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