Adobe House, Netherfriends, Lando Chill

Adobe House is a collective of singers, emcees, and producers based in South Los Angeles, California. Founded in Tucson, Arizona, the individual artists of the collective decided to combine their talents into one single entity, creating an amaglation of genres and perspectives.

Netherfriends is Shawn Rosenblatt. He is always on tour and releases music like it's the end of the world. He finished a year long project of writing and recording a song and performing in all 50 states. When he performs live he uses 2 loop pedals and various instruments. He tries his best to dance like James Brown.

Lando Chill

grew up in a single parent home with 2 women, was pretty lame growing up, still am. grew out my hair due to the fact that i didn't feel like combing it out. i wear glasses not by choice. i could never get a government job. music and poetry are the best thing thats ever happened to me. let me show you what i can do.

Pass The Aux (DJ)

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip, you’ve long been familiar with the phrase “pass the aux” — or “pass me the aux cord.”

When I would take long road trips with my best friends or older siblings, getting your turn at controlling the music was an exhilarating but also nerve-wracking predicament. You could be as consistent as they come at picking the right tunes, yet your friends never fail to remind you of the time you played Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun.” All it takes is one bad track and you’re back at the end of the line, the auxiliary cord passed to the next person, playlist at the ready.

Pass The Aux was founded by Mark Ortega in August 2016 after I had written for various music publications for the previous few years. Follow us for show announcements, concert reviews, weekly concert calendars, ticket giveaways, interviews, and widespread festival coverage.

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