Nashville Pussy + Guitar Wolf

There are few bands that embody the phrase “sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll” as well as the Grammy Nominated American hard rock act Nashville Pussy. Blaine Cartwright is the Bon Scott of his generation with his ‘nursery rhymes for prisoners’ style of lyrics. Wife Ruyter Suys is the Angus Young of women. Together they create 100 proof No holds barred, no apology rock n roll. This shit ain’t for pussies

A lot of japanese Rock’n roll fan’s really look up to Guitar Wolf.
They are Rock’n roll heroes in existence.

They are special to us like no other.
They have been making a lot of legends and playing sound the impulse as always from 90s.

Their music is very extreme and very loud; just like Rock’n roll should be. Seiji’s lyrics have a sense of individual humor and evoked a sense of “Galaxy” & “The Showa”.

The three guys cover themselves with a black leather that their sound is the same as a long time ago.
They are always prusuing their style.
Their perseverence had an effect on each others.
Guitar Wolf has always pushed forward, beyond the boundaries of any one-dimensional rock trio.
They will go on increasing Guitar wolf avid fans all over the world.

Guitar Wolf were formed in 1987.
Originally formed by Seiji and Billy (Bass,Vo).
After that, Toru has joined Guitar Wolf.
Goner Records(independent label based in US,Memphis)released “Wolf Rock”,Guitar Wolf’s debut LP, in 1993.
After that,they signed up a contract with “Matador Records”(A Representative independent label of US)

In 1997,They debuted with a major label ” Ki/oon Records” in Japan. And, they released “狼惑星” at the same time.
Guitar Wolf has released 12 albums to this day.

And,they played not only Japan but also US,EU,AUS and Southern America.
They work on a worldwide level.

In 2005, Billy died.
Almighty U.G and Hikart had joined Guter Wolf.
After then, GOTZ is new menber in 2018.
He has become a permanent member of Guitar Wolf and now rounds out the trio which currently consist of band members Seiji (Guitar Wolf): GOTZ(Bass Wolf); and Toru (Drum Wolf).

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