Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is an evening dedicated to local and regional musicians, aspiring and professionals alike, giving them the opportunity to take our stage and present their performance and songwriting talents to an audience comprised of people who truly appreciate great bands, original music and live performances.  

The Battle of the Bands, is an event for musicians presenting all musical genres. Bands are typically comprised of 2-6 musicians. There are no age limitations, but all those taking MadLife’s stage should be skilled musicians. We encourage featured bands to perform original music, although that is not an absolute requirement.

MadLife typically features 5-7 bands for each Battle of the Bands event. Each band is provided 5 minutes to set up their gear and 15-20 minutes to perform their set, depending on the set time defined each night at MadLife. Bands are free to play as many songs as they like, as long as their set does not exceed the set time for the evening. The specific length of the set will be defined by MadLife the evening of the show, based upon how many Bands are performing that night.

After all participants have performed their sets, MadLife engineers will score the performances of each band based on audience applause. Audience applause levels will be measured by MadLife engineers utilizing a decibel (sound pressure level) meter. In addition, a panel of judges selected by MadLife will also rank the bands and award scores.

The audience scores and the MadLife judges’ scores will be added to determine the top 3 scoring bands for the night, and those bands will be deemed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners for that bi-weekly round.  Those top 3 bands will be invited to return to MadLife for our Battle of the Bands Final Competition. Bands not winning one of the top 3 positions in a bi-weekly competition may return to compete in future bi-weekly competitions.


Ricer are an explosive power trio lead by the sheer force and energy that is their guitarist Ginger Brown. While they can be quiet and introspective at times, this is but the calm before the storm. Featuring a dynamic rythmn section of ‘Stiff Penalty’ on bass and Dave Mead on drums, Ricer assaults the audience with flying shards of molten guitar that sears the senses and leaves you wanting more. This is music that commands your attention, performed with passion - Ricer delivers!

The Relics

The Relics are an exciting up and coming rock band from the Metro-Atlanta area. They were formed in the summer of 2017 and have had no trouble staying busy since their formation. The band is constantly playing shows and writing new music. Some notable highlights from the bands brief history include: releasing their debut single "Baby Blue" in September of 2017, placing first at the MadLife Stage and Studios Battle of the Bands, and playing at some of Atlanta's most renown venues. They began recording their debut EP in October of 2018, and finished recording it in January of 2019. It is now available in all online music stores!

The band members include: Joseph Pieper (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) Evan Borgese (Vocals, Bass, Guitar) Mitch Pew (Lead guitar), and Fernando Flores (drums).

Public Mind

Public mind began back in 2012 as a project of curiosity and a passion for the truth. Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter, Stephen Burn had been writing songs about current events and the shift in human consciousness that was occurring. Over the coming years many musicians came and went. But Public Mind continued on and In late 2017, Nick Padgett joined on drums, adding a heavier element to the band's sound, and marking a new era. Finally in August of 2018, Stephen's long time friend and band mate, Trey Deer joined on Bass guitar further expanding the band's sound and capabilities.

The Jacob Harshman Project

Jacob Harshman has been playing in and around Atlanta for the past 4 years. Along with his new band “The Jacob Harshman Project”, bringing good music and even better times to the stage is his passion. His first project “Whitespace” was released in the fall of 2015 and he his hard at work on his next record which is due later this year. Be sure to come up and say hello after the show!


Hippodrome is a rock band based in the metro Atlanta area. The band consists of guitarist Noah Pappo, bassist Danny Aranson, and drummer Brian Williams. The group formed in early 2017, gaining a following by playing at charity events for the Will to Live Foundation and the Songs for Kids Foundation. Hippodrome has played for various occasions, ranging from birthday parties to school dances. The most captivating part about the band is their skills and abilities for their age, ranging from 15 to 17 years old. Hippodrome is scheduled to release their first EP, Off to the Races, in January 2019.

Jades Reign

Jades reign is a rock band formed in Marietta Georgia, composed of Zoe Biggs (lead vocals), Judd Gann (lead guitar),Alex Ducros (rhythm guitar), Olivia towe(bass), and prodigy drummer Josh Newton. Forming out of the school of rock east Cobb house band, Jades Reign is made up of very experienced musicians, all at young ages, with a love for writing and preforming music. With they’re classic rock sound and style, they’ll bring you right back to the days of “Jefferson Airplane” and “Heart”.

Against the Fold

Frank Carrillo, Chris Singer and Steve Van Wieren - seasoned musicians all - have joined forces to become Atlanta's premier rock power trio: Against the Fold. ATF melds diverse influences from prog to pop to metal into a melodic rocking package.



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