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∞ Source is a progressive rock/metal band. Formed in 2013, composers Ben Gleason and Dan Crisafulli create consciousness based music through the exploration of philosophy, meditation, yoga, psychedelics and flotation tanks. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is. ∞

The Medina Grooves

Every now and then, an artist attempts to combine styles that are traditionally classed as being polar opposite. That being said, the choice to merge such genres as heavy metal and reggae is generally frowned upon and prejudged, often referred to as sounding "unnatural" or "forced". Enter The Medina Grooves.....Created in 2011 and born into reality in 2014, The Medina Grooves project is the brainchild of Marcos Medina Rivera (guitar/vocals), current Skinlab guitarist and formerly of latin heavyweights Iratetion. The line-up also boasts Carlos Pagan (Motograter/Fracture) on guitar, Darren McClelland (Straight Line Stitch/Signals From Saturn) on bass, Gustavo Kolndorfer (Spallah) down in Brazil on lead guitar, Pedro Ghork Lopez (Iratetion/Cultura Sur) from Venezuela on latin tribal percussion and Ryan Ball (ex-Crisis) on drums. The hybrid style of music created by The Medina Grooves has previously been called "ViolentReggae" or "HeavyRasta", but we believe our sounds transcends all genres, from the beautiful to the extreme. We are based out of DENVER, CO and recently completed recording our debut EP "The Dreadlist" with renown producer Ahrue Luster (Ill Niño/ex-Machine Head) at Illustrious Studios, and is scheduled for a late-summer 2016 release. The Medina Grooves have yet to make our live debut, as we await the proper time to unleash our intense live show to the masses. That time is NOW!!

We Are William

Formed in 2017, We Are William is the brainchild of Cameron Johnston. Still in the infant stages of the project, Cameron added reggae vocalist Sebastian Lawrence to the mix because of his unique vocal timbre and writing style. Bassist Max Knaver joined the project in the Spring of 2018 after expressing interest in playing in the project. Derric Bolen was added in the Summer of 2018 after proving his dedication to the project after his audition period. The band at this point in it’s evolution includes Sebastian Lawrence (Vocals), Cameron Johnston (Guitar/Vocals), Samm Barrett (Drums), Max Knaver (Bass), and Derric Bolen (Guitar).

We formed in 2011 when we were all in middle school. We’ve been through name and member changes over the years. Our main influences have also changed as well as our style. Today we consider ourselves progressive-thrash metal.

$10.00 - $125.00


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