Faces in the Mirror Screening with Boyd Tinsley

100% of all ticket proceeds will be donated directly to the Fisher House Foundation.

Halloween costumes are welcome, but not required. The best Halloween costume will WIN 2 VIP tickets to see Dave Matthews Band at Barclays Center on 12/21!

"Faces in the Mirror" is a film scored to music. It dances. It's a film that dances with the music and takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride that never let's you go.

This story is about Ben Fisher, a young man who returns home to bury his father. Angry that he had been neglected by his workaholic father, Ben had refused to see him for years. On the day of his father's funeral, Ben goes on a dream-like odyssey where he's led, portal by portal, to fantastical places with somewhat mystifying people who all seem to be guiding him somewhere. He's looking for a way to be free of his pain and guilt. He's looking for forgiveness.

This is a film that's not only meant to be seen, it's meant to be experienced. An experience of music, visuals and emotion. It's like a dream.

Q&A with Boyd Tinsley

Boyd will field questions regarding the film.

Surprise Musical Guest

Boyd Tinsley will perform with a surprise musical guest who will be announced on Friday.

My Antenna released their first musically offering, " We Here At." in Oct of 2009. The EP is a hard driving rock album mixed with a strong americana folk influence. My Antenna was formed in the Winter of 2008. Formed by lead singer and songwriter, Michael Hannigan. My Antenna draws on many influences including the live drum sound, vintage and indie rock and roll, and the folk traditions. In an effort to expand his musically horizons and prospects Hannigan moved to Brooklyn, New York in fall 2007. There, My Antenna sound was brought to life with the addition of Ian Chang and David Mainella. Both Dave and Ian bring a focused musicality, which make My Antenna what you hear

Hungry Duck

Hungry Duck is a Jam Rock band based out of New York City. Pulling predominantly from blues, funk and rock the band creates a classic sound that hearkens back to the golden era of rock, while never sounding dated. The band's soulful approach blends technical prowess with quality songwriting resulting in a visceral experience that forces you to move.


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Faces in the Mirror Screening with Boyd Tinsley with Q&A with Boyd Tinsley, Surprise Musical Guest, My Antenna, Hungry Duck

Monday, October 22 · 7:00 PM at Tammany Hall (NY)

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