Sonamo’, Dagnasterpus, LALA Brass Band, Walk Talk

If Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder were Italians, they would sound like Sonamó.
An eclectic funk band with a dynamic, passionate blend of Italian melodic lines shot through with hefty doses of American funk and acid jazz, Sonamo’ makes a both danceable yet introspective, at once familiar yet exotic, intense yet energetic, romantic and yet somehow carefree. One of the strongest characteristics of Sonamó is their high energy that’s well expressed in their memorable live performances.
The San Francisco band, whose roots are spread all over the world, releases their first EP Album in August 2018. Spacing from the sensual mood of Maybe You know to the upbeat tempo of More, the EP Album Another Story merges unexpected undertones and essential beats into music that clearly expresses the eclectic nature of the band.
It all started when Sonamó’s founder Giuseppe Pinto moved to San Francisco in 2012. As a passionate musician from Italy, Pinto searched for inspiration in his new city by exploring its eclectic scene. As Pinto mentioned: “[...] my experience in the United States changed me and my life perspective completely. I had to reconsider all my values and understand that there are many ways of doing things. That’s what I call the American miracle: a huge diversity that brings the best part of all of us”.
His journey led him to realize that his take on Italian music, with its unknown undertones of world jazz and funk, was very much missing in the American music scene.
Coupled with creative guitarist Trent Berry, Pinto’s dream of putting together a band expressing a smooth blend of Italian and American culture through unpredictable, energetic and passionate music came to life in 2016 with Sonamó.
The band performs tunes that have roots in the deepest Italian tradition with African, Hispanic and Middle Eastern influence, mixing a cultural melting pot with influences of Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, and Pino Daniele.
The band’s name is inspired by an album of Pino Daniele (E Sona Mo’) that literally means “and play now”. It is sometimes used among musicians in Southern Italian as a slang term meaning, “show me what you got!” and boy, do they ever!

LALA Brass Band

LALA Brass is the perfect fusion of all your favorite musical genres into one exceptional brass band. Taking influences from New Orleans second line, hip hop, rap, Latin, pop, rock, and everything in between, LALA Brass makes it all sound like something you’ve never heard but keeps you coming back for more. The band has a YouTube channel full of unique mash-up videos, gaining them thousands of views and followers since being founded in 2016 by musical director and tuba player Robert Murray. LALA Brass can be heard performing throughout Southern California as the perfect entertainment choice for cocktail hours, private parties, corporate events, or at the hippest bar in town.


DAGNASTERPUS is a groove machine that fell out of the mind of road warrior/composer, Tree Adams, former frontman of the New York City jam band, THE HATTERS, recently known for his work scoring film n tv projects such as THE 100, CALIFORNICATION, LEGENDS & NCIS NOLA.
DAGNASTERPUS features nimble horns, grimy beats and soulful vocals. Tree’s lyrics are imaginative and evocative, weaving observations of the everyday life with tales of secret agents, disreputable characters and a healthy pinch of who gives a fuck.
The Dag squad is an amorphous organism comprised of trumpeter, Jordan Katz (DeLa Soul, Method Man & Lucinda Williams), saxophonist, David Ralicke (Beck, Ziggy Marley & Macy Gray) and trombonist Shaunte Palmer (Earth, Wind & Fire & Kamasi Washington). Bassist, Ethan Phillips (DeLaSoul, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon). Drummers: Yayo Morales (Rita Marley) and Michael Jerome (Blind Boys of Alabama, Me’shell Ndgeocehllo) along with James Brack (background vocals, keyboards and percussion). Joey Massari (keyboards) and Andy Schuyler (guitar).

Walk Talk identifies as a culmination of time, genre, travel, rhythm, and dance; manifesting love variations and soul vibrations through original songcraft and electrifying live performance. The longtime co-conspirators have re-emerged as an exciting new and dynamic duo; Walk Talk offers a fresh and inspired take on classic 60's Soul, High-Life Afro-rhythms, quiet storm R&B, golden-era Hip-Hop, boogie Funk, and blissfully beyond. Morales and Bailis steadily unveil a creative canvas on which these passionate artists draw original soundscapes, rhythms, and sensualized harmonies, intoxicating elixirs that resonate deeply across a wide swath of demographics and genres.



  • LALA Brass Band  - 9:00
  • Sonamo- 9:45
  • Dagnasterpus - 10:35
  • Walk Talk - 11:45

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