Wsabi Fox, Stimmerman, Tiny Gun, Paper Fairy


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Come to earth's greatest venue to see one of the most lit bills of all time, inclusive of:

Wsabi Fox: maximalist prog instrumentation, angular composition, a maze built for a monster, and you're the monster! Good luck!

Stimmerman:Post-Punky Prog-Noise with a side order of Yelping made by three jews and a Vegas church organist. All your embarrassing favorite bands from high school in a urine soaked blender.

Tiny Gun:When you are impossibly sad and a cartoon storm cloud shrouds you in darkness, Tiny Gun is the sound of the thunder clap! Beautiful melodies in a painful, painful, world.

Paper Fairy:A toothache that you crave, a nightmare you can't wait to return to, a dead end in the maze created by Wsabi's monster.


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