Tommy Newport

Tommy Newport

Tommy Newport may have only started making music a mere four years ago, but you'd never guess it listening to his funky yet chilled-out take on psych-rock. The young Kansas-based phenom was just 14 years old when he picked up a guitar for the first time, and in the short time period since has completely taught himself to play instruments, write songs and record himself in the process.

After releasing his debut project "So Long And Thanks" under the name Milmine late last year, Tommy is back with a new release and a new moniker. "I Forgive You" came together after Tommy connected with Toronto consultant Chieff Bosompra, who then introduced Tommy to producer/DJ 4th Pyramid (also DJ for Jazz Cartier). The track is produced by Tommy with co-production from 4th, and is the perfect introduction for new fans to Tommy's idyllic world.

Luke James Shaffer

Singer-songwriter Luke James Shaffer’s story is the kind of yarn that packs an anthemic dose of rock n’ roll romanticism. Seven years ago, Luke was toiling away as a server in a restaurant, longing to be a full-time singer-songwriter. In one moment of fevered enlightenment and hope, he turned to his friend and co-worker and asked if she thought he should pursue his dream. She said yes (by the way, that wouldn’t be the only time she said yes to a crucial question—the two are now married).

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