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Courier Club

"We have their debut single for you to check out: “Better Now.” The single injects a fresh sound into indie-rock, mixing in post-punk and crafting something that sounds somewhere between Tokyo Police Club and We Are Scientists. There’s a comforting sound in hearing vocals that sound smooth yet distorted, steady drum work, and electrifying guitar-work that crafts a sound that would have fit on most alternative radio stations in the mid-2000’s." - Substream Magazine

What happens when you throw a polished American Idol contestant into Philadelphia’s raunchy DIY music scene? You get the band Z by Z who has been turning heads with their cutting-edge brand of pop music that mixes elements of rock and soul. Formed by singer/songwriter and American Idol season XV contestant Harrison Cohen, the band is comprised of Austin Anderson (bass), Harrison Breitling (guitar), Braxton Carter (keys), and Dan Silver (drums) who is also known for his popular Instagram page @thedrummingbeat. Z by Z's catalog is akin to hearing the funk-pop sounds of Maroon 5 filtered through the slick bravado of Spoon and The Arctic Monkeys. In October 2017, Z by Z performed their song "No Time" on iHeartRadio’s Radio 104.5 FM, Philadelphia’s premier alternative rock station. Cohen’s songwriting has garnered praise from platinum recording artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. After hearing “No Time” Lopez commented, “I really liked it, I felt like I could hear that song on the radio.”

Ready Now

Campy alt rock tunez once described as something that could've been in the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack

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