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Nashville’s own Blasian is starting to make her mark in the city. At the age of 10, Blasian started “rap
battling” with her nine siblings around the house when she couldn’t go outside…that’s when she and
everyone around realized that she had a special gift.
Treating rap more like a hobby, Blasian was busy running her lip gloss line and promoting parties across
Tennessee. That was until she was asked to perform on stage at 6ix Fest for her very first live
performance. In attendance was Atlantic Records A&R Brian Johnston (who signed Kevin Gates). Brian
said “out of all 13 artists on the bill, Blasian was my favorite”. This confirmation gave Blasian the
motivation to turn a hobby into a daily grind in pursuit of her dreams.
With her success rising, she is now preparing to drop her debut single “Runnin Sh*t. Blasian will also be
on BET's new reality show in the Spring of 2019. Be on the lookout for the “skinny girl that can spit
harder than the guys”…PERIODTTT

The Dictionary definition of the noun, lull is “a soothing sound.” In the age of mumble rap, finding
soothing hip-hop is quite the relief. Venturing between melodies wearing her heart on her sleeve
and flows to remind listeners she’s still a force to be reckoned with, this Lul Lion is what the
culture needs.
Lul Lion, an emerging artist born and raised in Johnson City, TN. She’s collaborated with the
likes of artists from all across the state.  In 2017, Lul Lion teamed up with Memphis-bred
producer, Burnie Amsterdam to release a project of eight ballads and bops entitled “Lion
The project propelled her career forward. Since then she's gone on various tours, opening for
Premo Rice, and released more singles, including one with ‘The House’ artist Brian Brown
entitled “Just the Way You Are.”  The single has remained on the Top 40 for best hip hop song
in Memphis.
Take a break from reality and indulge yourself in the sultry lullabies of Lul Lion, and expect
much more from the upcoming artist.

By pairing his passion for music with his distinct, rasp voice and blasé
demeanor, Wilx has successfully tailored his image, sound, and work ethic to
become a top contender in hip-hop today.
After the release of his three most successful projects Trap Nasty 1, Black
Bart, and G.B.Y.N (Deluxe) he gained the attention of several respected
He has opened several shows for some of hip-hop’s most successful artists
like 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Wayne and Lil Bibby.

After being featured and name dropped by influential voices in the indus-
try, his single Mo’ Betta from the album G.B.Y.N (Deluxe) was embraced by

Nashville’s very own Starlito for a feature in 2014. This collaboration created
a buzz on social media and eventually found its way to syndicated airwaves.
Trap Nasty, released in February 2017, exudes aggressive content due to
what Wilx describes as “oppression.” Although he began getting recognition
as an artist, he felt like there were masses of people who still doubted.
He continues to build his brand with a team of creatives that are focused on
reaching new milestones with every release.

Tennessee R&B/Hip-Hop artist Landon Sears in support of his debut album “Autumn Icarus”, which infuses soul, hip-hop, and jazz with a versatile fast paced vocal delivery over smooth production.

The "South African, Atlantan" is definitely a musical breath of fresh air, and he welcomes you into his world through his debut album entitled WHO IS PULE. This refreshing work invites you through PULE's journey as a lower-middle class single father transcending into a world of abundance and achievement as a musical artist.

The ability to blend melody with top tier lyrical content separates PULE from other artists. His work conveys a bold yet honest message, and allows this cultural enthusiast to garner the attention of any hip hop fan world wide. "If you choose to dream small, why dream at all?" is the question he poses to anyone with a passion to achieve a goal. Take a listen and prepare to be consciously inspired.

Mr B (@mrbinspire) from live Hip-Hop Funk Rock Jam Band, Tribal Hoose.  Mr B first went viral
in 2013 with his “Wendy’s Drive Thru Rap” video on YouTube. The video was featured on the
Today Show and now has over 1M views. This video led to a tour with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
in 2013 followed by a tour with DMX in 2014.
He’s publicly released 5 mixtapes to date and over 60 songs. He’s opened for Riff Raff and his
band Tribal Hoose has played shows with Ying Yang Twins and Juvenile. He is a substitute
teacher by day who raps with all his classes. He created a mobile app “Rap App” that assists
people freestyle rapping. Rap App is used by schools in Tennessee and Arizona to teach
vocabulary through rapping.
His ultimate goal is to open up his own school one day that prepares students for life. His overall
message is “You can do whatever you want to do with your life. Always be kind to others. Music
is life and life is music.”

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