Evelyn Frances

Evelyn Frances

For Evelyn Frances, music is a textural, tangible experience. Her music lives in the grainy earth found in the rich-soils of the old growth forests. Her intricate vocals paired with her sensitive lyrics create a space for contemplation, reflection and meditation.

Evelyn was born in Mons, Belgium and lived everywhere from South Korea to the Midwest; Upstate New York and many places in between. This constant fluctuation in space, culture, and environment allowed for a real sense of the earth and body as home. With an ingrained sense of respect for both of these home spaces, her music is a direct reflection of that and carries a sense of urgency to care for our rapidly changing, human-impacted earth.

As a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and flutist with a background in classical and jazz, Evelyn Frances creates a delicate blend of experimental, folk, and electronica, with a pulse firmly rooted in the organic. Her vocal melodies and tone are strongly influenced by the flute, which allows her lyrics to meld and flow into a time-lapse, as if you were watching a plant sprout and grow in a dream state.

Her debut album, entitled "Seed," is intended to be experienced as a full cycle from start to finish. Produced and mixed with Phil Joly at Electric Lady Studios and Shifted Recording, it will be out this year.



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