Butch Haller and his Chesterfield Ramblers

Butch Haller is a 97 year old war vet that claims he's written every song youve ever heard and that those songs have been stolen from him.

Everything you hear on the radio today started in the mind of one man "Butch" Haller. (or so he claims) Everyone from Lady GaGa to Led Zep at one time in their careers have somehow pulled hits out Butch's catalogue and released as their own. Butch claims that all of those songs were his and he is now (at the very end of his life) travelling the globe, reclaiming what is "rightfully" his by playing them in their "original form": country/rockabilly twang!!

songs from from 80s to current, all aspects of pop music from last 60 decades all done country like youve never heard them before!!!
Dont miss this highly entertaining musical/comedy show!!

Through out the summer you can catch him at various outdoor events: ribfests, car shows, motorcycle shows, swap meets, street festivals etc. He also does weddings, private functions and corporate events. If you have a job Butch Haller and His Chesterfield Ramblers please drop us a line here!!!

$10.00 - $12.00

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