"Already hard at work on album number two, Seven Spires have the wind in their sails and it's not hard to imagine them becoming inordinately huge over the next 12 months." - Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer UK)

“Tougher tracks such as ‘Paradox’ or ‘Burn’ compliment the Symphonic Metal metal elements, so you sometimes feel like you already have the new Dimmu Borgir…” – Metal Hammer (Germany)

“Spires are one of the most untypical symphonic metal bands I’ve ever seen.” – Rock Hard (Germany) review of “Solveig” 7.5/10

“Captivating from start to finish, ‘Solveig’ captures every nuance that the subject matter deserves and will appeal to anyone who loves their metal symphonically and emotionally charged, with the only downside being Seven Spires have set the bar so high for themselves that even Robert Wadlow would struggle to reach his pint.” – PowerPlay magazine (UK) review of “Solvieg” 10/10

One fateful day in Boston, some years ago, two immortals crossed paths in a bookstore. He, Jack Kosto, was of many, many notes, and she, Adrienne Cowan, was of darkness and the old world. Such was the birth of Seven Spires, and so it shall always be. With the fortunate additions of old friends Chris Dovas and Peter de Reyna, the family was complete. Though young in countenance, the four were armed with highly specialised training from Berklee College of Music, as well as an insatiable drive to earn that which they hungered for.

After cutting their teeth in their early years sharing bills with the likes of Arch Enemy, Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Epica, Kreator, Carach Angren, and others, they ventured to Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany to finish recording their new album, “Solveig”, with the illustrious Sascha Paeth.

Following a highly successful crowdfunded release of “Solveig”, these metal storytellers voyaged across the Atlantic for a headlining set at MetalDays ’17. Upon returning stateside, they were then called to ProgPower USA ’17, sharing the stage with Dynazty, Snowy Shaw, Pain, Amaranthe, and Katatonia.

In February ’18, they voyaged to the Caribbean on 70,000 Tons of Metal, the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise, enjoying a 5AM performance in the Alhambra Theatre as well as a packed set in the Pyramid Lounge. Vocalist Cowan also performed two songs in Jeff Waters’ All Star Jam, singing with members of Annihilator, Sabaton, Primal Fear, Metal Church, and Battle Beast.

Seven Spires' new album "SOLVEIG"

Seven Spires’ new album is “SOLVEIG”, a theatrical metal concept album in two acts. It is the story of a lost soul and his journey through a Demon’s sunless neo-victorian underworld. Despite small glimmers of hope, it is a grim tale with a heavy focus on escapism, death, and decadence. With distinct attention to melancholic power metal, melodic death, and black metal, Seven Spires fuse sounds from across the spectrum of metal with their great love for Romantic composers, and the atmospheric and storytelling capabilities of film scores.

“Solveig” is available worldwide NOW!

From the frozen expanse of Minnesota, AfterTime emerges onto the Symphonic Metal scene. Described as “Nightwish up and coming,” they have adopted the playing style of their European counterparts.

With an emphasis on storytelling, AfterTime incorporates cinematic orchestra and memorable melodies to produce a class of metal that appeals to a diverse audience.

Formed in the last days of 2011 by Brad Sturgis and Chris Radke, AfterTime began composing the songs that would later be released on their debut EP “The Fall of Light.” Over the next three years the band was joined by AJ Blakesley, Sarah Wolf, and Malachi Arndt on drums, vocals, and bass respectively. The Fall of Light was released on April 15th, 2016. AfterTime received genuine praise for their debut release and sales reached as far as The United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil. Moving toward their sophomore release, AfterTime has had the opportunity to work with notable figures as Lukas Knoebl, Jacob Hansen and Gogo Melone. In the realm of life shows, AfterTime has shared the stage with Symphonic Metal titans Epica and look forward to playing with Delain and Hammerfall in early 2017.

2016 was a very successful year for AfterTime, marking the release of their debut EP “The Fall of Light.” They also wrote, recorded, and produced their upcoming single “World We’ve Lost” all while making various appearances on stage.

With the goal of being an American delegate for a predominantly European genre, AfterTime looks forward to the opportunities that allow represent the Symphonic Metal genre.

Dawn of the Desolate

Robert Baysinger - Vocals
David Knopp - Guitars
Josh Campbell- Drums & Percussion
Stephen Myers - Guitars

$10.00 - $40.00


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