Hurricane Party (Bleubird x Rickolus)


Calling Bleubird an MC doesn’t feel complete. Storytellers draw from varied impulses, and Bleubird’s vision is oddly utopian. He takes mere observations, gift-wraps them and re-presents them as spectacles. It’s the type of satire that can only be born of a wide-eyed-yet-wary appreciation of modern day landscapes and the people who walk through them.

He claims (somewhat disingenuously): “I hide behind my humor because it’s truth that I fear,” but even in his darkest humor he betrays himself. Those who listen can tell that even at his most caustically comical and sarcastically potty-mouthed, it’s all for love.


For the past decade rickoLus (Richard Colado) has been writing and recording his music in a green shed in the backyard of his parent's house in Jacksonville Beach, FL. In that time he has produced a mountain of works that for the most part have never been heard by anyone besides his friends and family. In 2007 he started a website ( where he made some of his music available for free and asked for donations. He has since accumulated a small following on the internet. With the finishing of his most recent album "Youngster" he set out to find a record label to help him get his music heard by more people. He found a home with Circle into Square records and Fake Four Inc. , they will be releasing "Youngster" and some of his other works in 2010



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