The Faceless is a technical death metal band based out of Los Angeles, California

Rings of Saturn

RINGS OF SATURN is an internationally touring band based out of California where their founding member, Lucas Mann, resides. The band self-released their first full-length album entitled Embryonic Anomaly in late 2009. Four months later Unique Leader Records signed the band and Embryonic Anomaly was re-released internationally under the label on May 28th, 2010. Since then, Rings of Saturn has been hard at work touring nationwide throughout the United States and Canada promoting Embryonic Anomaly as well as their second upcoming album release entitled Dingir (din-jeer) which will be hitting stores Feb. 5th, 2013 on Unique Leader Records.

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Vale Of Pnath

Death metal band from Denver, CO, US.


Interloper consists of Miles Dimitri Baker (Rings of Saturn, ex Ænimus), Aaron Stechauner (Rings of Saturn, ex Abiotic), Andrew Virrueta (Sea of Skies, Vampire Squid) and Mike Semesky (ex Intervals/HAARP Machine)
Melodic, Heavy, and Progressive music bringing forward a new style of music that fans of all genres can enjoy and appreciate.



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