Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival 10 ft. Gabrielle Sternbenz,  MNR PLSR, Punch The Sun, Valipala & much more!

Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival

The Silver Sound MVFF+BB is two simultaneous events: A Music Video Film Festival and a Battle of the Bands. We will showcase 21 of the best music videos and 5 of the best bands anywhere, ever. Boom.

The winning band and the director of the winning music video are paired to create a music video worth over $10,000 produced by Silver Sound.

Gabrielle Sternbenz

Singer-Songwriter Gabrielle Sterbenz was born and raised on Long Island. Her early influences include country, jazz, and gospel, and her music stands firmly in the singer-songwriter tradition, calling to mind Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, and the vocal stylings of Linda Ronstadt. Together with her all-female band, including Liz Rohan on bass and backing vocals, Joey Slater on guitar and backing vocals, and Gabriela Lucia on drums and backing vocals, the women focus on beautiful melodies, and lush four-part harmonies.


MNR PLSR was born out of late-night online message-board love for Major Lazer. With "Lean On” obsessively streaming past the midnight hour and an exchange over the recent wave of awesome Top 40, an unlikely bond was formed between two musicians who couldn’t control their mutual outpouring of sonic infatuation.

Now a combined force under the vowel-less moniker MNR PLSR, Somer Bingham and Emily Einhorn craft electro pop with dark themes and infallible hooks. Their music has been placed in television & movies - most recently in the festival cut of 2018 Sundance favorite "Madeline's Madeline” - and they’ve been commissioned by Showtime to craft original songs. Grunge rocker Somer Bingham - who had an infamous stint on Showtime's The Real L Word - is the front woman of the pop-tinged punk project Clinical Trials. Her obsession with alt rockers like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, and Sleater-Kinney fuels her angsty sound. Emily Einhorn is the woman behind the indie rock project Kid Hawk, which was recently featured on Spotify’s official Indie Palace Playlist, and melds the vocal stylings of a dark Patsy Cline, the tortured soul of Morrissey, and the brutally honest lyrical sensibility of The Magnetic Fields.

From songwriting to engineering, playing multiple instruments to crafting production, they can take a catchy indie pop track from start to finish.

Punch the Sun

Punch The Sun is a Queens-based rock quartet fronted by singer, songwriter, and bassist Shannon Söderlund. Shannon, along with guitarist Dru Söderlund, drummer Campbell Youngblood-Petersen, and vocalist Pamela Vachon, bring a trans-genre approach to their harmony-driven sound: pop-rock hooks that are as cerebral as they are catchy, steeped in jazz, punk, gospel, grunge, and funk influences.

Based in NYC since 2012, Valipala (formerly known as With Snack) tips their hats to the great groove makers of yesteryear while continuing to rethink modern R&B with a union of funk, jazz, and progressive rock. Known for their virtuosic arrangements and animated live shows, a night with Valipala is bound to somehow leave you both exhausted and energized. Valipala’s recorded debut, Mango City, was released in October 2017 and is now available on all streaming platforms.



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