Des Rocs

Singer and songwriter Des Rocs has set his sights on reigniting the grandiosity of rock music. The New York City native has cultivated a gritty yet infectious sound that nods to vintage rock n’ roll while offering a modern alternative twist. He’s created bombastically loud music constructed unironically for speakers that hit 11, buzzing with all the electricity of contemporary hits.

Los Angeles’ rock collective Dirty Honey are an unstoppable force.

Their music delves into the pillars of rock & roll to deliver a refreshing modern take on a classic sound.

The band features dynamic frontman Marc Labelle, guitar slinger John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian & drummer Corey Coverstone.

Skillful, creative musicianship paired with undeniably magnetic energy set Dirty Honey apart from their contemporaries.

Catch their electrifying live show regularly in LA & follow for upcoming tour dates and music.




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