Dongfeng Liu Band: China Caribe

Dongfeng Liu

Pianist Liu draws on musical influences from his native China, fusing them with American jazz and Caribbean rhythms..

Rare is the occasion when an artist arrives on the scene who fundamentally reawakens your understanding not just of music but world history, common cultures, and shared values. Dongfeng Liu is this very type of artist. He is a maestro composer, arranger, jazz pianist and educator who draws upon musical influences from his native China, and fuses them with American jazz harmonies with Caribbean rhythms.

China Caribe uncovers those buried pages of history in which Chinese immigrants journeyed to the Americas as early as the 1860s. In fact, Havana boasted the largest Chinese population in the Western hemisphere during this period. Liu's CD celebrates and dramatizes these cultural cross currents. On this album, we hear what happens when cultures collide - a new sound, a unique aesthetic is born.

Piano / Dongfeng Liu
Bass / John Benitez
Percussion / Roberto Quintero
Drums / Francis Benitez
Ruan&Pipa / Min Xiaofen
Erhu / Feifei Yang

$20.00 - $25.00

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$20 Advanced Sales/ $25 Day of Show

There is a $25 food & beverage minimum per show.

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