Allen Tate

In an age of carefully curated personas Brooklyn-based vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Allen Tate deals in an increasingly rare kind of transparent earnestness. Growing up on wooded acreage outside of Philadelphia, Tate explored various instruments before discovering his innate ability as a singer with the encouragement of longtime-friend and future bandmate Ellis Ludwig-Leone. Tate would eventually graduate from college in New York (where he has lived for the last decade) only to be reunited thereafter with Ludwig-Leone in the band San Fermin.

Tate’s second foray into solo territory In the Waves is a purposeful examination of how feelings of self-doubt and anxiety are often alleviated by sharing. The album was recorded in just nine days with the indispensable help of producer-engineer John Agnello (Dinosaur JR, Phosphorescent, Kurt Vile). “John was like a spirit guide, sensei, and cheerleader,” Tate says further cementing In the Waves’ premise of sharing burdens.

Adler Hall coalesced into a band after years of cross-pollination in the Brooklyn music scene, driven in part by a DIY music collective called Odd Gift. The group is led by composer Henry Hoagland (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), and comprised of Robin Buyer (Bass), Spencer Inch (Drums, Vocals), Kyle Joseph (Guitar, Vocals) and Ryan Kershaw (Guitar, Vocals).
Adler Hall started as Hoagland’s bedroom orchestra project when he teamed up with friend, producer, and occasional bandmate Kyle Joseph to create Adler Hall’s debut album (Tourist) in 2016. The album uses field recordings from Japan and Brooklyn as a backdrop for songs about the tensions between observation and participation, about trying to build and rebuild a sense of home. Sort of Bright Lights Big City with a lot less cocaine. Soon after the release of (Tourist), Adler Hall left the bedroom behind and grew to include Robin Buyer, Spencer Inch, and Ryan Kershaw as writing and performing members.
Adler Hall's second release Beware the Water (out October 5, 2018) is their first as a full band. It was written and recorded during early mornings and late nights—in every spare moment and around the edges of each of the five members' attempts at making a living. Rightfully, it takes place in liminal spaces: the past and present, dream and reality, alive and in the underworld. It's an amalgam of the members’ varied musical backgrounds, all of which bloom into something like ambitious folk songs played by a thoughtful rock band.

Julia Easterlin

Julia Easterlin (a.k.a. Julia Hite), is one part Regina Spektor, one part loop scientist, and a sophisticated musical mind that can wield composition, production, and performance in one fell swoop. With a full ride at Berklee, runner-up in the illustrious New York Songwriter's Circle, which awarded her $5000, studio time, and many opportunities on TV and Radio, this talented songstress is bound for big things.

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