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AV’s raw pop creations are the brainchild of Allison Victoria. While growing up in Chicago, AV listened to Alanis Morissette, Destiny’s Child, Demi Lovato, and many others. As soon as she began her music career at 13, she was traveling to LA to collaborate with other artists and producers. Shortly after high school, however, AV was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo surgery to remove it. Shortly after surgery (10 days to be exact) AV moved to Nashville to complete her degree in Songwriting at Belmont University. Though keeping up with multiple jobs, school, and continued recovery was difficult, she graduated in 2015, fully recovered and finally remembers how to tie her shoes (most days).

Songwriting sessions in Nashville and Los Angeles revealed AV as a brutally honest go-getter and an expressive vocalist. She writes about her experiences, keeping her lyrics honest, and her stories unfiltered on stage. Debut single “Just Us” soundtracks a relationship in limbo that fails when the foundation of honesty and communication crumbles. The song dances between the idea that she is sensitive in her love, but also, aggressive in nature and not to be toyed with.

Cap Champion

Singer, songwriter, and performer, Cap Champion, creates genre-melding pop anthems with a penchant for unwavering optimism. Cap has been writing and performing in venues across LA, NYC, and Nashville, winning over listeners with undeniably catchy hooks, blending undeniably catchy pop hooks with hip-hop flavored delivery and an a contagiously joy/comedy/dance party-filled live show. Cap's lyrics approach themes of love, faith, and pursuing one's calling with a recognizable authenticity and are a unique experience in pop music . Drawing on an eclectic mix of influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Imagine Dragons to Chance The Rapper, Cap is able to create signature sound that is accessible and, yet, completely his ow

Chad Judd


Nashville based IN GREY is an ever-evolving duo that balances on the spectrum between
alternative rock and indie pop. Starting as a solo project in 2017, front-man Jordan Hamilton
penned the EP “All You Needed” in a need to articulate a significant season of life. Following
this release, lifelong friend and drummer Eric Schanie was brought on to contribute a new and
thrilling energy to Hamilton’s lyrics and melodies. The result is a sound heavily inspired by acts
like Switchfoot, The Goo Goo Dolls, U2, and Kings of Leon.
The song “Outside Myself” is the latest example of IN GREY’s new energetic sound. The first of a
string of singles coming out in 2018, with a full release scheduled for spring 2019.

Jamra writes all her own songs--unpolished, unapologetic, and unlike anyone else you've heard in pop

New Zealand native now Tennessee local, Shortydubs is bringing the positive vibes with his fresh blend of Hiphop, Reggae and ALT rock. His style has been described as landing somewhere between Run The Jewels and a piña colada on the beach. After drawing attention with the release of his debut single Fugees (Feat Saint Pressure) Dubs is set to release a string of singles in the back half of 2018.




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