CB Brand Residency - First Thursday of Every Month

CB Brand

Tipping their hat to you from Shaky Town Northeast, CB Brand has been living up to it's
moniker as "The Loch Ness Monster of Country Rock Outfits" for years now: appearing
through the foam in grainy photos and sound recordings while reeling apologues bandied
about in the bars and living rooms of regional hamlets. They've dusted floors and stages
up and down the Golden State and Great Basin, releasing the maidenhead "Cloud EP" 7"
on Wonder Valley Records in 2006 and more recently a cassette only eponymous release
on NYC's Whip Records and wide soundtrack acreage in Calvin Lee Reeder's cinematic
fiesta "The Rambler". Folks are still raving about the Big Sur New Year's Eve 2016-17
three hour marathon dance party that had the Fernwood Resort hanging it from the rafters!
With Chadwick Brown vocally/rhythmically steering the group of Sean Hoffman on guitar,
Kip Boardman on bass/keys, and Steve Didelot on drums, the band slides across the
spectrum of Americana Country and Boogie Rock Music akin to the little amber lamp on
an old Wonderbar radio leading down the road to the sparkling river of the lost weekend
ahead. Peppered in with original classics, including the California regional hit "Let's Go
Get Stoned" and the favorite-in-Kuala Lumpur "She Came With The Whiskey", CB Brand's
set will flip through a well stocked rock and roll-odex to work out a few hand-tooled
versions of songs from backcountry waypoints on the musical map and on down the road
to that Stuckey's glowing in the distance...
Find them on the freeways, or in the lounge...

Blair Degrass

Born and raised in the humble backwoods of Canada's Maritime provinces, Blair grew up and became a man somewhere between British Colombia's lower mainland & Los Angeles, California swinging a hammer 9 to 5 and writing these songs along the way.

This 34 year old van dwelling carpenter recently spent an entire life savings fulfilling his childhood dream of recording an honest to god country and western album.

Despite the fact that you have just as good a chance catching Blair in the local Safeway wine section as you do on stage at your local tavern, there is a decent chance of a spring / summer tour once his debut LP "Somebody New to Let Me Down" finally hits the shelves in March.

Until then try and keep your stick on the ice. -Management



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