Gila & The Monsters

Gila & The Monsters

Gila & The Monsters are a heavy rock trio from Denver, Colorado, trafficking in a tangle of blues, punk, garage and rock n’ roll. Grinding and emphatic, their music is the product of the member's distinct credentials. Intended as a means of creative expression and week-end decompression, their music and performances speak plainly. They pound through each song, hawking engineered simplicity, unrestrained cathartic energy and Hector’s trademark grin. Treat yourself to a pair of earplugs and indulge in a night of beer-soaked Denver rock.

Surrender Signal

Surrender Signal is a band based in Denver, CO. Formed in 2015, the band consists of Brian Lenherr (guitar, vocals), Andrew Chitwood (drums), and Chase Middaugh (guitar). Brian and Chase previously played together in Clemente. Surrender Signal has a very dynamic sound - sometimes atonal and loud, sometimes, soft and quiet - and almost always with strange timing. They are often compared to bands from the Quarterstick/Touch 'n Go and Dischord labels.

The Leshen

The Leshen started as an experimental project for members Myke Fedyk and Kirk Alberts. They were looking to step away from the traditional rock band architecture and experiment with new sonic textures and arrangements. Unhindered by the confines of standard pop music arrangements, ego and expectations the two have forged a crunchy, melodic, post-rock/metal sound. The intentional lack of vocals and band’s use of visuals in live performances creates an immersive experience and encourages the listener to create their own story.

$10.00 - $15.00


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