Stellar Young, The Afternoon Edition

a captivating blend of atmospheric indie-rock and upbeat post-punk, STELLAR YOUNG find the root of their work inspired by the human condition. the albany, new york based group features john glenn (vox/keys), erik flora (guitar/vox), kyle hatch (guitar), dave parker (bass), and tim brosnan (drums). together the members work to create the most accurate portrayal of key moments in life that everyone understands, but often can’t explain.

glenn and flora were childhood friends that played music together in high school and hatch was drafted in their college years. they captured the attention of parker, who joined the group on bass and has produced all of their releases to date. brosnan joined the group on drums in early 2016.

while out of college, working day jobs and spending their evenings writing music, they released their debut album, everything at once, in 2013, which included singles “playing with guns” and “we own nothing.”

in late 2014, the band released their sophomore album, vessels, which included singles “nomad” and “hitting reset.”

STELLAR YOUNG spent much of the 2015-2017 year writing and conceptualizing a series of existential EPs. the first, the spark caught, was released in september 2016 and followed by a u.s. tour. became a flame, the second EP, will be released on 09.01.17.

The Afternoon Edition

A bit folk, a bit country, The Afternoon Edition have taken the best of both genres to create their own distinctive and personal sound. With their endearing lyrics and solid harmonies, the band appeals to a variety of listeners, including fans of classic acts such as The Band, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Byrds, and more.

Brothers Connor and Shane Noetzel played in multiple bands throughout high school and college together. While in college, Connor met Brian Gallio, and the two quickly became friends over their love of music. As the three musicians graduated, they decided to move in together, with a set goal in mind: to start a new band. With Connor as lead vocalist and main songwriter, Shane on lead guitar, and Brian on banjo, acoustic guitar, and piano, The Afternoon Edition took shape and began writing together.



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