To Jesus, Thanks For Everything! Jinkx & DeLa

To Jesus, Thanks For Everything! Jinkx & DeLa

At long last Seattle sisters
BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon are joining forces to bring you a spankin’ new two-queen holiday extravaganza!

DeLa is all sugar and Jinkx is all spice - but how do these two very different gals deal with the stress of the holidays?!

A little song, a lot of eggnog, and theaters full of people looking at them... Yup - all they want for Christmas is attention! And let’s face it: Jesus done already done had his.

So thanks for handing every drag queen a sure-fire December gig, Jesus, but Jinkx and DeLa will take it from here!

$39 Orchestra, $32 Balcony, $75 VIP


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