Sara Serpa & André Matos

Sara Serpa

The combination of the voice and guitar of Sara Serpa and André Matos is magic, dazzling and calm. The Portuguese native and New York based artists work together since 2005. They achieved to create a unique sonic world, drawing upon pure and contemplative sounds through a personal approach to melody and poetry. Their musical identity reveals both their Portuguese culture as well as a certain allure inspired by the creative artistic environment of New York.

Serpa and Matos have been performing their music in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and of course, the United States. Sara Serpa and André Matos were born and raised in Portugal, but met and connected in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003. After completing their formal education at New England Conservatory, the two moved to New York City in 2008, where through observing, learning, experimenting and developing together, they produced several releases under their own names. Interacting with some of the most inspiring musicians in the city proved paramount to the development of their musical ideas as a voice and guitar team.
They have been, individually and collectively, performing with prominent musicians such as Ran Blake, John Zorn, Leo Genovese, Dan Weiss, Billy Mintz, Thomas Morgan, Greg Osby, Pete Rende, Danilo Perez and Guillermo Klein, Tyshawn Sorey, among others.
These collaborations have been crucial for the development of the duo.

Their debut album Primavera, described by the New York Times as “a gemlike in its precision and beauty” is ripe with verve and atmosphere, melody and poetry. With this album, Serpa and Matos took a definitive step in shaping a new and bold direction for the duo. Released in 2014 by Inner Circle Music, Primavera emerged in tandem with another kind of blossom: the birth of their first child.

Initially experimenting with different approaches, from covers to improvised settings, they ultimately created a method of composing specifically for each other – centered around a kind of magical lyricism, focusing on how the guitar and voice interplay/interact melodically, along with creating unique sonic textures. Now, Serpa and Matos perform as a bare bones voice-guitar duo, occasionally expanding this instrumentation with special guests. The duo is currently preparing a new album that will be released in 2016.



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