The Ataris

Honest rock n' roll, played loud, recorded to analog tape.

Founded in 1996.

Twenty years later still going strong, traveling the world doing what we love. On our own terms.

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Mercy Music

The incomparable sound and energy of the Las Vegas three-piece Rock & Roll band Mercy Music is truly like capturing lightening in a bottle, as frontman Brendan Scholz’s unmatched ability to write catchy yet soulful rock songs combined with the band’s explosive live performances make them one of the clearest and most unique voices currently performing. Scholz, as lead singer/songwriter and guitar prodigy, helms the trio with a raw force only matched by the poignant, self-aware honesty in his songwriting. Beginning Mercy Music originally as a solo act, Scholz brought aboard long-time collaborator and unparalleled bassist Jarred Cooper whose enthusiasm both on and off the stage brings a quality to Mercy Music that can only be described as invigorating. Finally, balancing the band with sharp skill and precision is drummer Michael McGuinness, a talent that shines while seeming perfectly at home in the group’s ferocious sound. After making a name for themselves during their incredible live shows and on tour, Mercy Music is proud to announce their new album, “When I Die I’m Taking You With Me” - a culmination of their efforts and featuring their newest, best material that is sure to surprise their fans while creating many new ones.

No Red Alice

Conceived initially as a solo-acoustic project for long-time Vegas musician and scene-stalwart Sal Giordano, No Red Alice emerged as a new voice for heart-felt melodic-punk. Pulling heavily from songwriter's own personal tragedies, No Red Alice quickly acquired a local fanbase through frequent shows and split E.P. with Mercy Music, still Giordano was not sonically satisfied to remain acoustic.

In 2015, fulfilling Giordano's long-term goal of evolving No Red Alice into an electric-punk outfit, Chris Bitonti (guitar) and Chris Berg (drums) joined the band which debuted as a trio at a sold out Punk Rock Bowling brunch show in direct support for PEARS.

Since then, the band has distributed a well-received set of demos and has shared the stage with acts including Off With Their Heads, Red City Radio, Nothington and many more. Recently, No Red Alice added Rory Child (Rayner) on bass, allowing Giordano to return to electric guitar and see the band fully realized.

Finally complete, No Red Alice shows no sign of slowing down and is preparing for their first official release in fall 2018 and a full tour, stay tuned!


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