The BellRays hail from Riverside, California and have been putting on the show of their lives since 1990. Punk, rock and soul have been used to try and categorize what they do but some how isn't enough. Seeing is believing and this is a band to see. You won't forget it!

Lisa Kekaula, Vocals
Robert Vennum, Guitar

The Atom Age from Oakland, CA deliver furious high-energy garage punk laced with sax and organ. Heavily influenced by 60's punk nuggets, the band takes great pride in paying tribute to feral and wild Rock 'N' Roll from decades past while laying down their own modernized sound.

Machine Animal

FACT: It’s estimated that 108 billion people have lived throughout history. That means that approximately 6.5% of all the people that have ever lived are alive right now

FACT: Goats live in groups called trips, as in a Trip of Goats. Goldfinches in charms. Gorillas live in groups known as bands

FACT: If you stick your head inside a turbine engine, it will probably explode off

It’s a fine line between Truth and Trivia for Bellingham, Washington’s Machine Animal. Fantasy & Fiction; Fetish & Phobia; Blood & Bananas. Only one thing is for sure: it’s always loud and it’s always on an SG.

OK, so two things.

Formed in 2014 with a different rhythm section, Machine Animal has evolved to walking upright to the point where its gate is now nearly indiscernible from that of the modern man. Absorbing the maximum whackobilly duo The Second Hand Suits into their band this year has made Machine Animal a wilder and even less-predictable beast.

Currently the lineup is as follows:
Zack Van Houten (Black Beast Revival, Machine Animal) SG, vox
Dave Crider (Mono Men, Watts, Dt’s, Machine Animal) SG, vox
Nick Evans (The Second Hand Suits, Machine Animal) - SG Bass Guitar, Vox
Anthony Navarro (The Second Hand Suits, Thee Unsound, Machine Animal) drums, vox

And as if that’s not enough SGs, there is auxiliary regional lowend available in the form of:
Vincent Blackshadow (Sweet Invicta, Machine Animal) SG bass guitar, vox [Mid-West Div]
Chris Coyle (Sir Coyler and His Athsmatic Band, Machine Animal) SG bass guitar, vox [Mid-Sound Div]
Richard Katynski (The Bad Beats, Machine Animal) SG bass guitar, vox [Canadian Div]

So, you know—shit’s pretty much covered.

When not quizzing each other on True Facts, Machine Animal can be found performing their unsettling brand of rock ‘n’ roar in Northwest nightclubs and bars. A summer recording session with short-timer Conrad Uno at historic Egg Studios in Seattle yielded enough material for upcoming releases in not only the 7” variety but also the 10” format, too, besides. A border-to-border tour of the West Coast, all the way from homebase to the San Diego Fucking Zoo is in the works, as well as a butler and a trip to Spain. Precise details are scarce, “not to mention in the way of specifics on these as we don’t really have any as yet” according to the band.

One thing is for sure, though: before climbing out of the van for a gig, the members of Machine Animal will always be one Fact closer to Dog. Nick “Sea Bass” Evans traditionally has a tidbit prepared for his mates-- knowledge they carry with them to the stage. It’s something you can actually hear in their songs if you listen closely-- something that sets Machine Animal apart from the other aggressive-passive-aggressive all-SG 4-vocal impossibly loud Brute Rock bands vying for what raw meat is available these days. Also, beer.

OK, two things…

Kids On Fire

Melodic street pop punk from the rainy streets of Seattle. With a knack for hooks, Kids on Fire serve up songs designed to celebrate good times, bad jobs and irresponsible behavior. We have fun doing it, you will have fun listening to it, and hopefully we'll all be drunk by the end of the night, covered in sweat and beer! So have a listen and raise a pint with us in honor of good people and good times!

$15.00 - $18.00


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