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Northwest and expanding to a venue near you! Hysteria plays 90 minutes straight mixing the highest energy hits from High n Dry, Pyromania and Hysteria.

On lead vocals, Shawn Worra singing all the signature Joe Elliot tunes with the range you expect to hear and then some! Singing these songs exactly like the original recordings every time with the goal of bringing you back to 1988. Shawn also plays lead guitar and lead vocals in an amazing local rock cover band called "Grinder"

On Bass guitar and backing vocals we have our newest addition to the band "Marco Lago" as Rick Savage! Marco is the high energy CRAZY fun performer of the group who loves people and loves to play, come out and see his other 80's hair tribute band "Hair Nation" and they will blow your socks off!

On Lead guitar and vocals, Doug Cisler plays pin point guitar riffs and note for note solos with the technical sounds and tones you would expect to hear, he also does an amazing job with the "Anthem" rush tribute and as "Alex Lifeson" see them play Muckelshoot casino, Tulalip casino and The Point

A true Def Leppard NUT! co-lead guitar and vocals Dan Kehoe who has played in a local Heart Tribute band called Heartless and currently also plays in a local rock cover band called "Orangy" along with Shawn

On drums, drums instructor Vance Nurkala imitating Rick Allen with an electronic drum kit with foot pedals and actually playing some songs with one arm! Vance has played in local bands such as Idoleyez and Icandi


Ratts - Seattle's Ultimate Ratt Tribute brings the best songs of the Ratt library to the stage and brings to life the magic of their music. Their high energy show blasts Out of the Cellar and Invades your Privacy with the most authentic look and sound anywhere.

$10.00 - $12.00


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