Blonde and brunette. Dog and cat. Lemon and onion. Friend and foam. The change has been made! You can scratch your seven-year itch freely now: Ty Segall and White Fence are become one again, regrooving what we once called Hair into what is now Joy.

Hair grew out of a simpler time, man! If, as the dyphrenic duo indeed affirm on Joy, rock in 2018 is dead, don’t come around here looking for no burial. Instead, find Joy caught up in the commencement of on-beyond rock; music made with the old tools, but emitted from a fresh new, single-celled organism. This time, the old “one and one make one” line does not apply. Hair had the quality of emulsion — drops of Segall suspended in Fence; a compound of White dispersed over sheets of Ty. With Joy, Tim and Ty arrive without travelling from the same place, occupy one single headspace, finishing the other’s phrases, pulling licks from each other’s places. Singing and thinking and laughing as one. Calling themselves from inside the house. C-c-c-creepy!

Both these fellows have been known to trifle with tropic pasts and reactivate vintage visions within their new music. Not now. Now is the only time this time — Joy is their own sound of today, a shared individuality, prisming all possible stances into an unseamly metastasis that FLOWS for 15 ebbcentric tracks. Plus, since it ends at the beginning, it never has to stop. LOOP that shit!

Axis: Sova returns with Shampoo You, out November 16th via Drag City imprint, God? Records. Shampoo You is the latest Axis: Sova album, following 2015’s Early Surfand 2016’s Motor Earth. With each succession, the Axis sound shape morphs in subtle yet definitive ways; now, with Shampoo You, the impact is unprecedentedly direct and connective. Stereogum have noted “They’re sleeker this time, more melodic and a little less hazy”. Take first single, “Dodger.” It emerges from the reverberating chambers of its predecessors with expectedly scorched, punching guitars, before giving way to the unexpected: harmonized, crystalline vocals, put forward for immediate impact. Aboard a galloping waltz beat testing the structural integrity of its own mechanical limitations, “Dodger” lilts from its final big chorus into a weaving guitar confab, escalating and emoting into deeper, wordless territories of song.

Axis: Sova has always been a rock band, even when the “band” was just Brett Sova and his Roland TR66 Rhythm Arranger creating a surging maelstrom of reverberant fuzz, with guitars foregrounded and wailing at length, while beats distended the depths. Shampoo You sounds the arrival of the trio version – Sova with Tim Kaiser (guitar) and Jeremy Freeze (bass) — in trademark Axis style: relentless tempo with distorted, interlocking guitar concussions, and vocals that howl of other worldly mutation. It’s the first Axis: Sova album entirely performed and recorded live to tape as a three piece. The amusement of rock-making turned thrillingly alive, they’ve honed in on a sleek transport for their new sounds, with tightly conceived power-punk and classic pop touches creating memorably melodic (and harmonic) contours. Head down to the scar-wash and let Axis: Sova Shampoo You!

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