Wurliday, Keepers Of The Vibe, Nikita


Wurliday is a soul funk outfit hailing from Albany, NY. The band was conceived by Musician/Songwriter Justin Henricks in 2016.

Keepers Of The Vibe

Hartford, CT based Funk and Hip Hop band, Keepers of the Vibe’s a traveling Funk Party!
Created in November 2015, Keepers of the Vibe has continuously evolved their sound. The current 5 piece configuration is an eclectic blend of Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Prog Rock, and Neo Soul musicians. The band includes Vocalist Amanda Sloan, Guitarist Devon Long, Drummer Dwayne Keith, Saxophonist Konrad Dziemian, and Bassist Tucker Emerson.
While incorporating a wide array of music, they provide a unique, yet familiar experience. Captivating your mind, body and soul, K.O.T.V aims to uplift your spirit. The vocal melodies take you on an atmospheric journey through PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY, as you “Get Down” to the band’s groovin’ progressions.


Formed in early 2017 and hailing from a variety of musical backgrounds, members of Nikita blend soul, funk, and psychedelic rock to create an exciting, danceable sound. The band's first release, Nikita Pink, showcases the group's outstanding songwriting talent, while their live performances demonstrate a chemistry and charisma that keeps fans grooving all night long. Nikita is currently hard at work on their next release and putting together a 2018 tour that will take them around the northeast United States and beyond.

$7.00 - $10.00


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