That's a WRAP! (A Short Film Festival)

That's a WRAP! (A Short Film Festival)

The Secret Group Presents:
That's a WRAP! (A short film festival)

December 13th | 7PM | Pay What You Can

Hosted by Your Favorite African, Ku Egenti!

Come meet filmmakers in Houston and see each other’s work along with the Houston’s premiere for Nathan Barnatt’s (Upright Citizens Brigade) new short film, “Neutral”.

Nathan will be in attendance to speak about the film with deputy director of the Houston Film Commission, Alfred Cervantes.

Musical guest:
Broken Satellite
Filmmakers, directors, and actors:
Nathan Barnatt (UCB)
Mike Judge (King of the Hill)
Paul Rust (Netflix’s Love)
Mike Mitchell (Netflix’s Love)
Jenny Waldo
Bryce Saucier
Brian Rothlisberger (Talkin’ Mr. Danny)
Angela Trimbur (The Good Place)
Lindsey Cooper-Trevino & Sergio Trevino
Harris Wittels (Parks & Recreation)
Armen Weitzman (Silicon Valley)
Marissa Strickland (UCB)
Margie Walker
Leah Shore (NYC)
Robert Neilson
Daren Seifert
Meg Dick (spawn of Andy Dick)
Alex Bryor
Jacob Calle (Most Shocking Top 20)
Amelia Ornelas
and more...

Alfred Cervantes (Deputy Director of Houston Film Commission) will be moderating for Nathan Barnatt’s film, Neutral.

First 30 guests will receive a drink ticket for a complimentary beverage by 8th Wonder Brewery.

Open to public.

Pay what you want.


8th Wonder Brewery

Lazybit Collective

Houston Film Commission

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