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Field Medic

“Any song that’s true is a good song in my mind,” says Kevin Sullivan, the lo­fi bedroomfolk artist better known as Field Medic. “That’s why I never find it necessary to add toomuch stuff to my recordings. I’m just into songs themselves.”That principle is the guiding light behind Field Medic’s hypnotically beautiful andfearlessly honest new record, ‘fade into the dawn.’ Sullivan’s first proper full­lengthrelease for Run For Cover and his first since making the leap to full­time musician, thecollection features ten sparse, acoustic tracks that reckon with our perceptions ofsuccess and self as they face down the inevitable complications that arise from realizingany hard­won dream. Sullivan has always written candidly about doubt and darknessand anxiety, but he digs deeper than ever before here, blending black humor and boldintrospection as he weighs fantasy against reality, grapples with his relationship withalcohol, and searches for meaning in the mundane. “I used to be a romantic / Now I'm adude in a laminate,” he sings of life on perpetual tour, encapsulating at once both thetantalizing allure and endless tedium of the road.Sullivan’s ability to capture richly detailed moments of in all their messy, complicatedambiguity is a large part of what’s earned him both his devoted cult following and hiswidespread critical acclaim. Philadelphia NPR station WXPN hailed Field Medic as a“West Coast freak­folk poet who will capture your heart,” while the San FranciscoChronicle praised his “intensely emotional” voice as a “melodic quiet storm,” and theChicago Reader swooned for his “charming, unvarnished acoustic bedroom songs.”Sullivan’s tracks racked up well over a million collective streams on Spotify, and hiscaptivating live performances (in which he’s accompanied by nothing more than hisguitar and an old school boombox) landed him dates with everyone from TheNeighbourhood and Wallows to HEALTH and Girlpool.

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