Jeff Austin Band

The work continues...
These words have never rung more true for Jeff Austin.
After almost twenty years of live creation and endless joy seeking Jeff has returned to the scene with a new found sense of passion. Sharing the stage each night with a band of like-minded adventurers he attacks each performance with a fire and desire to move and shake everyone in sight.
Each show stands as a statement.
A statement of music...
A statement of connection...
A statement of just how joyful each moment can be.
From note to note…song to song…these musical warriors set out to turn each ear in a way never heard before.
The path is set.
The energy is undeniable.
Because with each new step The Jeff Austin Band takes...
The work continues.

Jon Stickley Trio

"Sure, comparisons to previous musicians are a good way to explain a new artist to the masses, but to do so is to cheat Stickley of what he really is... a damn genius, a musical mastermind, and one of the most unique, creative, and inventive guitar players I've ever heard.

Since bluegrass players started delving into jazz, they've been composing progressive acoustic music, but so much of it has lacked the comfort in its own skin that Stickley's songs possess. I could go on and on about how amazing it is that his twisty and turny songs don't feel forced, and always bob and weave at the right time; or how Stickley's guitar playing shares as much in common with the flow of the greatest rappers of all time as it does with his flatpicking heroes..." -Anders Beck (Greensky Bluegrass)

Advance $18/Day of Show $23 + Fees


Ticket sales online end at 5 pm day of show. Tickets available at the door unless listed as sold out.

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