Comedian 'Chocolate' (a.k.a. Chinnitta Morris), Sean Sarvis & special guest Thomas "Teezus" Terrell Jr.

Chinnitta Morris ('Chocolate)

Chinnitta Morris, also known as “Chocolate”, has always dreamed of being an entertainer since her childhood growing up in her small town of Gastonia, North Carolina. As a bashful child, she would only perform for her five sisters in their poverty stricken home to make light of bad situations. Chocolate has always proven herself to be an over comer. She became a college graduate from Winston-Salem State University and also served in the Marine Corps Reserve. Born the third out of six girls raised in a single parent home, and the darkest out of them all, she faced a great deal of criticism from others and had an incredibly low self-esteem.

But Chinnitta learned to take her lemons and make lemonade. And through the bitter-sweet of life, she learned to laugh at herself. Her very first time on stage she talked mostly about her complexion-thinking it would be better to deal with the obvious first. She did so well with it - it was actually therapeutic for her. And although she graced the stage her first year under her real name “Chinnitta Morris”, she was mostly remembered for doing jokes about being “chocolate or dark-skinned”, and the name “Chocolate" was given to her officially two weeks before her first taping of Def Comedy Jam.

Some of Chinnitta's accomplishments during her career as a comedian that started on November,27 1990 are HBO’S Def Comedy Jam, BET’S Comic View and Bad Girls of Def Comedy Jam, which featured five of the best female comics on Def Comedy Jam. She was nominated for best female stand-up on the “Soul Train Comedy Awards which was won by Whoopie Goldberg. Chinnitta has also toured with numerous stage plays, including Tyler Perry’s very first play “I Know I’ve Been Changed”.

Sean Sarvis

Writer, producer, director and standup comedian, Sean Sarvis is a multi-talented entertainer. Sean has appeared on BET’s ComicView, BET’s Teen Summit, Gospo Centric’s “Soulaughable”, Charles Kane’s “God Ain’t No Joke” and various colleges, universities, and military bases worldwide.



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