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Okilly Dokilly is the world's only Nedal band. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, a majority of the band's lyrics are direct Ned quotes. The band's current members include Head Ned, Dread Ned, Shred Ned and Zed Ned.

Established in 2015 with original members Head Ned, Red Ned, Bled Ned, Stead Ned and Thread Ned, the band found success before ever playing their first show, becoming a viral phenomenon after releasing just a few press photos and a 4-song demo. Within 2 weeks, the band had nearly 30,000 Facebook fans and was featured by numerous publications including Billboard, Time, The Independent, BBC, Esquire, Vice and many more.

In November of 2016 the band released their debut album, 'Howdilly Doodilly', a 13-track catalog filled with Flanderisms, rushing guitars and more than enough left-handed puns. Following the departure of bassist Thread Ned and guitarist Stead Ned for left hand conversion therapy, the band acquired guitarist Dead Ned and bassist Cred Ned. In 2017, the band took on a relentless touring schedule across the US and North America, playing nearly 100 shows to neighborinos everywhere.

Following a short hiatus through 2017 and early 2018, the band regrouped in July of 2018 with a brand new lineup, introducing Shred Ned on guitar, Dread Ned on drums and Zed Ned on synth.

Okilly Dokilly's live shows are high energy affairs that weave together comedy and brutality. Guttural screams and pounding drums provide a soundtrack for the pummeling of an inflatable donut as green sweaters and round glasses blur across the stage.

Local darlings KLAW continue the Northwest tradition of raw, rude rock ’n’ roll passed on to them from the Mudhoneys and the Zekes of the scene. KLAW proudly pepper chunky riffs with catchy, fun melodies in tongue-in-cheek songs such as “Zombie Hipsters.” Their self-titled, self-released 2015 debut LP is fueled with punk-rock energy, but slows down enough to groove alongside your favorite stoner-rock bands of yesteryear. Bring earplugs or pay the price of feedback brain for days. KEVIN DIERS

Darkness Stole The Sky

Tenacious, Melodic, Energetic, Fast and Heavy. These are all words that could be used to describe the feel that Darkness Stole The Sky brings to the stage.

Having been a part of the PNW metal scene for the better part of a decade, off and on, DSTS is back in action with an all new line up and new material guaranteed to make you go; "Wow, those guys are still a thing?" and "Huh, reminds me of 2003, but somehow less cool."

Blending the technicalities of Death Metal with the attack of Thrash and a melody and groove much their own. Darkness Stole The Sky is proving that mold can grow on sound as well.

$13.00 - $15.00


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