Loli Molina & Vanessa Zamora

Loli Molina

Loli Molina, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently based in Mexico City, is a celebrated singer-songwriter and guitarist. She’s performed in major venues throughout Latin America, won MTV awards, been twice nominated for Argentina's Gardel Awards, and received acclaim from fellow musicians and critics across genres. Loli’s formal training began in Argentina, where she studied classical, jazz, and popular guitar, styles she has woven into her own unique approach to voice and guitar. From a young age Loli has shared recording studios and performances with luminaries Kevin Johansen, Nano Stern, Fito Páez, Santiago Vázquez, Fernando Cabrera, Ximena Sariñana and Juan Quintero, and many more.

After two releases by Sony Music Argentina, Loli began walking a new path of professional and musical independence and self-management, and released her third album, the acclaimed “Rubí”.

She participated as guest guitarist and singer with the Mexican group Kinky on the recording of their MTV Unplugged album, a work that received a Latin Grammy nomination, and toured with the band to support the release. Since 2015, Loli and her band have played major festivals and venues throughout Mexico and South America, including a sold-out show with a string quartet in Buenos Aires.

2017 saw a duo tour with Brazilian musician and cultural figure Chico Cesar, a tribute to Chet Baker project, and an EP release with top jazz musicians from Mexico City.

Loli is now sponsored by Fender Guitars, becoming an ambassador to Latin America for the legendary American brand.

With strength and delicacy, a restless mind, a virtuosic guitar and a sensitive voice, Loli is preparing
new material to present in 2018: two new albums, along with tours in Latin America, Europe and USA performing her own songs, and another, more focused on a jazz repertoire.

Vanessa Zamora

Vanessa Zamora Ramírez (Tijuana, Baja California on July 22, 1991), better known Vanessa Zamora is professionally is a singer and songwriter.
Daughter of parents who where pianists; since a very early age she showed interest in the classic arts; learning guitar, drums, acting, ballet and modeling. She started attending piano classes at 8 years old at Academia de Música de Mexico acquiring instruction in piano, at 9 years old she was instructed in guitar and drums.

She continued with her music as a hobby until she was 18 years old, attending university at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, at that time she publicly started showing her music; she began doing video covers of various artists uploading them on YouTube and other social networking sites; she was known for the habit of writing whatever she thought, lived or felt in notebooks which she described as "brain drain. In 2012 she concluded her first EP 'Correr', later in 2012 'No Sabes'. She graduated in communication sciences in 2013 as an honor student. In 2014 she presented her first album Hasta la fantasía. In 2015 she presented the single 'Control'.

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