Weareforests w/ The Ugly Architect and D.W. Doucet


weareforests is a Fort Collins, Colorado based ambient folk project. Based around the writings and musings of frontman Corey Wright, this pseudo-singer-songwriter "band" is best described by what friends and blogs have referred to as "dream folk".

The Ugly Architect

"I don't know why, but the name says it all. The Ugly Architect is someone you want to get to know - a set of songs that's an old friend, maybe even a brand new friend, that you can't help but listen to, argue with, nod in silent agreement, laugh out loud together, all the way he takes you across the mountains and plains, rivers and valleys, sunset to sunrise, or maybe the reverse, and you can't think of a journey you'd rather be on."

- Jesse Elliot, These United States

"The Ugly Architect's self-titled release has an ease that is hard not to love. Cheeky at times, and sung over plucked Iron & Wine-styled guitar, his songs conjure up all the best feelings. It reminds me of all of my favorite music, but it's most definitely his to call his own."

-Desirae Garcia, The Haunted Windchimes

Devin hails from the mighty banks of the Canadian plateau. A one man based songwriter/performer Featuring an old chest from NY and beat up chains.


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