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Since launching in 2017, Walking Eagle News has emerged as the foremost leader in the world of Indigenous news. We are your finest source of Indigenous news, anywhere.

Tim Fontaine is the Founder, Editor-in-Grand-Chief and Head Writer. He started Walking Eagle News as a means of setting his illustrious journalism career on fire and dancing in its ashes.

Tim Fontaine was a real journalist for almost two decades before becoming a pretend journalist and worked for APTN National News, iChannel, CPAC and CBC Indigenous.

A member of the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, he grew up mainly on the Hollow Water First Nation and in Winnipeg. He currently lives in Winnipeg where he single-handedly invented and refined Indigenous journalism.


Sigh. Guess we REEEEAAAALLY have to do this.

Walking Eagle News is a work of satire, comedy and parody. Our many stories, while often drawn from real life or ripped from the headlines, are entirely fictional. Most Indigenous communities and people that are featured in our stories are made-up — unless they’re Canadian or Indigenous politicians, then we use their real names but make up quotes from them.


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