Jackson Whalan

"Well, I remember running away from home in a pair of slippers in the snow when I was a young kid to find the local rapper in town who would introduce me to Hip Hop, and from there it was all meant to be. Music speaks to me the most, and so I've made it a lifelong commitment to speak through music. This is my offering to the world. I've been rapping, producing, recording, and collaborating since I was around 11 years old, and in the last few years I have kept up a rigorous tour schedule, and released numerous recordings and music videos. My hope is that what I share has a positive impact in peoples lives." - Jackson Whalan

Jackson Whalan is a multi-talented lyricist, producer, and performer, bringing a transformative variety of hip-hop and electronic music; inspiring dancing, social movement, and thought provoking ideas. His performances and recorded music often include special guests and live instrumentation, taking audiences on a dynamic journey with consistent momentum, and capturing the heaviness that is felt when live and electronic music combine. Jackson has performed at The United Nations Headquarters, graduated from The New School, traveled to India, licensed his music in film and commercials, and has worked as an engineer in recording studios, while continuously touring nationally and beyond.

Jackson has worked with Moon Hooch, Mr. Lif, Dave Eggar, Sean Cane, Lily Fangz, Stic.man, Killah Priest, Agent 23, Supanova Slom, Hip Hop Medicine, Honeycomb, HAUX, Space Jesus, Esseks, Jade Cicada, Jules Jenssen, Will Schillinger, Robby Baier, Raiche Wright, Gravitas Recordings, Griz, and so many more...

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