Based in White Plains, NY, Swahoogie is a shifting collective of musicians who have performed in and around New York since the 1990s. Following an extended hiatus, Swahoogie re-formed in 2015 with an expanding six piece lineup to bring swampy and sweaty original Swahoogie love to the local area.

Swahoogie has twice been the spotlight local artist of the week on 107.1 The Peak. In 2018, the band’ released the EP Where I Belong and a compilation CD Songs From the ‘Hoog which features songs from Swahoogie’s four earlier releases.

The current lineup features Bill Lawrence, Tom Havard, Larry Gardner, Bruce Demaree, Scott Kubrin, Thomas “Zeke” Krouskoff and special guests Gabi Sussman, Nancy Toder and Terry Singletary.

The Trio Of Awesuhm

The Trio Of Awesuhm is a newly formed NY band whose sound is best described as a kitchen-sink twist on Americana. They released their debut album “Cowboys&Aliens” in April 2018 which consists of original songs in the self-dubbed genre of “philoso-folk” by singer-songwriter Monica Uhm who joined forces with a small army of local musicians she’s met through the years. Since its release, it continues to steadily creep up the national indie radio charts and have had airplay all over the world from Canada to South Africa to the Netherlands to Guatemala. Critics have raved about how refreshingly real they found the music - well crafted and relatable songs, crisp production quality, excellent musicianship, inviting vocals.

The Trio Of Awesuhm live-band line up includes Monica Uhm, James Kirkpatrick, Sammy Wags, Ken Dircks and Greg Schettino - all highly recognizable in the local music scene given their active involvement in other well-established projects such as Mr. Clifford Band, The Brighton Beat, The Mighty Fergusons, Suzy’s Garage and various hybrids in between. The bands’ modus operandi is to always keep it real, work hard but don’t take anything too seriously and leave room for happy accidents. #chooseawesuhm #justshowup




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